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Welcome to The Risk Management Group

Cybercrime, eCrime and communications risk control


Modern firms suffer reputational harm and financial losses from Advanced Persistent Threats, Cloud security breaches, WiFi and network penetrations, malware attacks, hacking, denial of service, social engineering, fraud and data theft.  We specialise in high tech risk analysis and control to reduce or even prevent such losses.


At TRMG we support the entire digital security cycle, helping clients to confront risks via:

  • Risk assessments
  • Product & service reviews
  • Penetration testing (technical and physical)
  • Training courses & employee awareness raising
  • Advanced data analytics & investigations

We address risks in areas as varied as cyber security, internet investigations and social media OSINT, communications fraud and revenue assurance.


Our partners at www.custodio.biz provide highly secure co-location and data hosting services in the Cloud.



Recent TRMG assignments

Our list of blue chip references attests to the quality of the work we do and the high regard in which we are held across multiple sectors, including banking & finance, communications & internet, oil & gas, maritime & transport, and the public sector.