Full spectrum revenue risk management

We identify and quantify manifest risks using advanced data analytics to provide hard evidence about the root causes, impact and culpability for financial losses.  


We also examine and test the full range of high tech risk scenarios, such as cyber security breaches, weak website security and staff data disclosures via social media.  Our sevices range from risk assessments through to vulnerability and penetration testing, training and employee awareness raising.

Cyber security risks

TRMG conducts wide ranging assessments to identify manifest and potential cyber security and communications risks, provide quantification of exposure and the business case for controls, define the detection rules needed, and raise awareness at senior management levels.

Benchmarking & audits

Even mature risk management teams need to regularly benchmark their operations against industry standards.  By taking large volumes of test data and analysing these with our own purpose-built data analytics toolset, we produce definitive answers to questions of performance and return on investment.

Product Security Reviews

Numerous clients have hired TRMG to develop the specifications for their software requirements, or in the case of vendors to propose and document their product roadmaps.  TRMG's design ideas underpin a large proportion of the leading revenue risk management applications in use today and we continue to engage with clients on the design of the next generation of solutions.

Product & Project Management

We have provided the subject matter and project management services for a series of successful ICT risk management projects, working either on behalf of clients and vendors at many sites worldwide.