Hi gang it’s Lily, your digital guardian. Today I am going to talk to you about Cyber Bullies or Trolls who use the internet and social media to get at us! They are a group of small minded people who try to get a reaction by posting nasty comments or directing an abusive message directly to a person. They are cyberbullying, they are weak! They hide behind a computer or phone to try to hurt us! And I want to help you to stop them in their tracks. The best things we can do gang are; Ignore! If we respond they get enjoyment, if we simply say nothing they have lost! Save! If the content is offensive or hurtful, screenshot the message and save it. Tell! Make sure you report the bullies to your parents or teacher and show them the message. Block! Block the author or person from social media. They cannot cause offense anymore because you simply wont read it. Delete! Once you have shown your teachers or parents the horrible messages or posts, delete them. Gang if you follow my advice, you will have stood up to the trolls! They have lost and you have won! If I can do it then you can too! Bye for now,


As part of TRMG’s ongoing social outreach activities we are helping Lily Edwards to promote the cause of improved online security for vulnerable children and adults. Please read her Blog below.

Hi my name is Lily and I am going to give you some tips to stay safe online. I like chatting with my friends online and listening to music. What do you like to do?

My dad cannot even switch an ipad on LOL. Since lock down, because of my downs syndrome, I have had to stay off college and I have been on the internet a lot to stay in touch with my friends and complete my college work.

Mum is always saying 'what are you watching! Who are you talking to! What are you doing!' blah blah blah. I say the usual response: 'nothing!' Rather loudly.

Mum is not really being nosey just seeing that I am safe. Remember when your mum used to hold your hand when you crossed the road because of the cars? Well, the internet can be just as dangerous. When learning how to cross the road, I was taught: look right, look left, check again if nothing is coming and then it is safe to cross. I don’t hold mums’ hand anymore now. Looking back, I have realised how simple was that... but mum wouldn’t let go until she knew I was safe to go alone.

Well, using the internet has a new set of rules to follow to keep us safe from harm. They are just as simply for us savvy youngsters so maybe we can teach our parents to stay safe this time! Its time to teach them some RESPECT!

Reveal – Keep your camera covered and keep your clothes on!!

Everyone – It is everyone’s personal responsibility for their own online security and safety (with a little help from mum).

Stay Safe- Bullies are everywhere. Ignore them and report it.

Privacy – Keep your passwords, your email addresses, and bank details secure. Banks never ask anyone for their password!

Encryption - Passwords must be strong and different. Use a mixture of letters, numbers and special characters such as $%£”! And not your pets’ name.

Chatroom – Know who you are talking to. Bad people are out there, and they pretend to be nice. Some adults are known to pretend to be children and lie about everything.

Tell – If it looks weird, it probably is weird. If it does not feel right, it probably isn’t right. My mum taught me this from a young age.

I will cover each of the RESPECTS topics in more detail with my monthly blogs. In the mean time stay safe gang!