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We don’t simply give to charity; we give direct help to people we find who need charity. This was our core goal when we founded TRMG.


Since our inception 21 years ago, we have constantly looked for opportunities to give back to society. Each year we allocate a portion of our profits to worthy causes.

Here are our current projects.


Safeguarding Ukraine

We have successfully raised the funding for a social ambulance to support refugees in L'viv, Ukraine. We have already delivered 19 generators, transformers, power banks, Covid-19 test kits, blankets, and feminine hygiene products to a brave team of Ukrainian medical volunteers who welcome and treat refugees from the war zone as they arrive in western Ukraine.

Please support us at

Your additional support will allow us to do even more.


Lily Edwards

We have been a supporter of Lily Edwards and her work to promote digital safety since day one. Although Lily has now entered the workplace and is not blogging at the moment, she continues to be involved with TRMG and is an advocate for our Safeguarding Ukraine initiative.

Lily's blog 


Victor (KENYA)

We met Victor when visiting a school in Kenya. He was aged six and had recently become orphaned. He had no one to pay his school fees and was in danger of losing his place as a boarder. TRMG funded his education and Victor is now 21. We plan to fund him though university.


Ben (UK)

Ben was having a difficult time at school, but he’s always loved go-carting. It’s an expensive sport, so TRMG got involved and we’ve been covering part of the costs since early 2021. Not only is Ben much more settled now, but he’s also winning trophies! Well done Ben!

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