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Meet the core TRMG team!

At TRMG we operate an associate model, working with expert contractors and partner companies on a project-by-project basis. Our engagements have taken us from London to Lahore, Warsaw to Wyoming, Kyiv to Kabul, over 50 countries in total. Let's introduce our core team.

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Cybercrime Training Lead

A classroom training and eLearning course developer with a background in military education and 10 years experience as a UK policing external trainer. An expert at demystifying cybercrime, blockchain risks, and digital fraud scenarios for non-technical audiences.

A father of four and amateur historian, keen on personal fitness, dogs, DIY and gardening projects. Also enjoys the occasional online game.

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Editor & Narrator

A content writer and editor with a background in public relations and marketing for the travel, medical and  cyber sectors. More than twenty years of experience in communications, national educational campaigns, publications and media training has seen her broadcast and published at a national level. Now writes content, edits, and narrates our eLearning for UK policing, government and private sectors.

A dog lover, keen walker, yoga addict and mother of two. A keen reader whose interests range from culture and art to medical science and technology.

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OSINT Training Lead

A Toddington-trained Open Source Investigator with a Masters in Terrorism and Security. Ten years experience building and delivering online training content in the areas of OSINT and online safety for policing, government, and private sector employees.

A dedicated mother who loves the mountains and forests, reads widely, and travels extensively. Fluent in Polish and English. Always keen to find something captivating to watch.

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Graphic Artist

A brilliant and creative graphic artist who has been involved in developing TRMG's gallery of eLearning images for several years, while also producing art for a variety of educational and awareness products across UK policing and business.

Unsurprisingly, our artist likes drawing! He also enjoys history, learning the guitar and collecting vinyl records.

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Marketing & Web Presence

A digital marketing lead with several years experience across sectors in the UK and Poland. Engagements in website development, social media campaigns, and advertising campaign design and delivery.

Fitness fanatic, gym addict, and horse lover. A strong believer that everything is possible if we put our minds to it. 

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Our AI Quantum Nano Bot 

Our human team members are supported by a diverse character set of digital personalities. Meet Angelique, a clever ethical hacker and explainer of digital mysteries!

Don’t listen to them, I don't identify as a Bot! I’m the smartest one around here. Take a look at our learning content and you’ll see that I’m the person with the real tech know-how.

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